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Electronics & Computer Equipment Shipping Solutions

Need to ship a computer system or a server rack? Relocate a whole computer center?

Craters & Freighters of Northern Colorado is the "go to" company for many technology firms and government contractors, offering relocation services of valuable computer equipment around the world.


We have packaged and crated over a billion dollars worth of valuable computer/IT equipment. We work with some of the world's largest Tech firms to ensure their assets are shipped safely.

Trust Craters & Freighters of Northern Colorado to ship your valuable equipment with ease. Craters & Freighters was established in 1990 and have (uses) proprietary techniques for handling, packaging and cushioning your items for safe shipping. Understanding the importance of the items' packaging, we will use proper cushioning systems and stabilization techniques so all items ship safely and securely.

Packaging Expertise

Craters & Freighters of Northern Colorado does not outsource its most crucial task, the packaging of your valuables. We do not use "agents" or "affiliates" to accommodate any of our expert services. Our company physically performs and insures our own packaging from our nationwide network of locations. With 67 locations nationwide and 20 years of proven packaging methods, we are your one-stop source for packaging, crating and shipping of all your high-tech equipment.

Extensive Abilities

Whether your items are small or large, Craters & Freighters of Northern Colorado is your solution. We can ship one server, multiple servers or even a data center with the utmost care, and ensure your items arrive safe in the order which they were received.

Service Solution

Understanding the different needs of our customers is crucial to us. Our team of experts will work with you to create a solution that meets your individual need. We can expedite your shipment and even pick it up after hours. We will also de-rack and un-crate your item to help out the process.

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