Antique Packaging

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For over two decades museums, auctions, galleries, artists and collectors have relied on us to safely move their delicate and valuable pieces across the country and around the world.

Fine Art / Fragile Shipping

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Top galleries, art dealers, and artists trust Craters & Freighters Boulder CO with their fragile one-of-a-kind artwork. All our crates and corrugated containers are custom built and cushioned for the artwork being shipping.

Services Tailored to your Item’s Specific Needs

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Craters & Freighters Boulder CO has mastered the art of packaging, crating and shipping paintings!

Art & Antiques Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions Boulder, CO

Art Shipping & Antique Shipping

Do you have a valuable painting or other high-value antiques that need to be shipped safely?

Trust Craters & Freighters Boulder CO to safely transport all your artwork and antiques with our expert handling services.

Several galleries, artists, auction houses, and antique galleries rely on us when it comes to their delicate pieces. We have a nation-wide network of locations to help get your valuables across the country and around the world. With millions of shipments of antiques, paintings, sculptures and other artwork, we are the leading experts in packaging and shipping your valuables.


Craters & Freighters of Northern Colorado's techniques start with the item. Is the item fragile? If so, we custom package all items with cushioning systems to ensure there will be no damage in transit. Is your item large? We have the expertise to engineer packaging, and crating services for all small or large items.

Packaging Expertise

At Craters & Freighters, we do not use brokers or even outsource our most crucial task. We do not use agents or affiliates to accommodate our work like most other crating and shipping companies do. We will perform all packaging, crating and shipping in-house to ensure the process is dedicated to the best quality and service. With 20 years of proven methods, Call upon Craters & Freighters.

Extensive Capabilities

We are capable of moving anything large or small, count on us to get your items to you on-time and in one piece.


Understanding our customers' needs is crucial to us at Craters & Freighters of Northern Colorado. Our team of experts will work with you to create a complete solution involving our expertise in packaging, crating and shipping services. We will expedite your shipment, de-install, store it for you and will also un-crate your shipment for you. If you need a more affordable way to ship your items, we are here to offer other optimal solutions for you.

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